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Providing support and activities for young people aged 8 - 12 years old in Stockton.

A Way Out’s youth service delivers 1-1 intensive support sessions, a programme of positive and healthy lifestyle group activities.

We also provide a summer holiday programme of recreational and educational activities and trips, a social action project and focus group feedback sessions for children and young people aged 8-11 local primary schools and for young people aged 11-12 years, who are experiencing difficulty with transition from primary to secondary school.

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Support for young people

The Youth Project engage young people referred to them through the partnering schools in weekly 1:1 intensive support sessions and encourage engagement in a programme of group sessions to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle, a school holiday programme of recreational and educational activities and trips, involvement in social action projects.



Young people engaging with A Way Out’s Youth Service experience:


improved relationships enhancing tolerance, understanding and respect within the school settings and amongst their own families, peers and the community


management of anxiety and improved confidence to manage relationships in new and unfamiliar settings such as commencing secondary school


an increased likelihood of resistance to negative influences

Social Skills

improved social skills and behaviour with positive impact upon management of their own emotions


improved and positive involvement in the local community through social action activities


improved communication and social skills by encouraging positive behaviour in a supportive setting demonstrated by adult role models and with positive reinforcement


improved self- esteem through practised coping strategies


improved physical and mental health and wellbeing

Our partners have said:

Funding bodies have praised A Way Out’s Youth Team stating that the team’s efforts to go and find
people in need of support are commendable along with the commitment to work with those who
need it in the long term.


Schools working in partnership appreciate that the support provided is really beneficial to the young
people who have been working with the Youth Team:

School staff find the 1:1 support really beneficial as the children are so positive about it. It helps with
their confidence and ability to cope which then supports their learning in the classroom. They know
they have quality time with AWO’s Youth Team who provide the pupils with someone to listen to
them and try to understand and support them to solve their problems or worries. This is a major
aspect of supporting children’s emotional well-being and self-esteem.


Feedback re Group activities programme – children really look forward to this and there are a good
range of activities which the children thoroughly enjoy. By working in partnership with the school
the pupils are fully aware of their behaviour and the consequences which can lead to rewards or
consequences dependent upon the situation. To see children come back to school eager to take part
in the structured youth programme is lovely to see and shows how much they enjoy it. As there are
so few facilities/resources in these specific areas, it makes these activities so special and children
and school staff are so grateful for such opportunities.



"I think it’s so good what you do with the kids. XXX is a real home bird and rarely plays out with others or goes away from home but getting to go on the Scotland residential trip has been absolutely brilliant for him and his confidence. XXX also loves Reload and never wants to stop going! He is really excited for it to be back on after the holidays."


- Grandparent of a young person



"XXXX loves attending Reload. She has received a young person of the week trophy a couple of times. She doesn’t miss attending and she likes and respects all of the staff who run Reload. As a parent, I think Reload encourages the children to help each other with everyday things."

- Parent of a young person



"It has been a great help with XXX coming out of her shell and interacting with other children of a similar age and giving her the opportunity to participate in your programs. It’s been a huge comfort to always know that she can talk to any of the team about anything personal or not. Thank you all so much and keep up the fantastic work!"

- Parent of a young person


"I think Reload has a very positive impact on XXXXs. Not simply that he enjoys the weekly club with his school friends, but has realised the importance of helping others from the social action project he has taken part in. Also, he greatly enjoyed the recent trip to Scotland, meeting new friends and taking part in activities that challenged him and therefore doing wonders for his self-confidence. To us, you are a very worthwhile organisation."

- Parent of a young person

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Supporting young people in


The children and young people live in two of Stockton’s most deprived wards.  Life expectancy statistics are polarised in relation to other wards and the national average, revealing extremely high early age mortality rates. The hospital admission statistics for young people (10-24) living in Stockton-On-Tees presenting with self harm are alarmingly twice as high as the national average.

Many children and young people in the local area face a range of disadvantages, including the impact of parenting issues,  drug and alcohol abuse, restricted social and leisure opportunities and a lack of positive role models, which is further compounded by living in poverty and unstable accommodation within isolated communities.

The young people may consequently be adversely affected and demonstrate anti-social behaviour, low self esteem, poor physical and mental health. Some lack basic social and communication skills and as a result struggle with engagement in education, have low attainment levels and lack aspiration.

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