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Trans Position Statement

A Way Out is supportive of trans and non-binary people in our community and beyond.

Our service welcomes trans women and recognises the risks trans women face, understanding how these risks intersect with other groups experiencing marginalisation including those undertaking sex work, experiencing racism, other forms of discrimination and hate crime.


A Way Out recognise that women using our services have different needs and we strive to provide safe and accessible spaces to accommodate everyone.


Services for women and trans women within A Way Out will be equal in terms of service provision but may be diverse in nature. Service provision will include engaging with those in our community with specialist knowledge and bespoke provisions. Delivery of interventions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, considering the risks and needs of each situation and by the undertaking of standard organisational assessments, which will determine our approach.


A Way Out is committed to working in a gender and trauma informed way and will prioritise the needs of individuals whilst safeguarding all.

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