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Our Ethos

A Way Out is a charity founded upon a Christian vision and the support and contributions, both financial and otherwise, of the local Church and Christian volunteers. A Way Out exists because it was driven by the faith, radical hope, and sense of social justice of Christians and the local Church. We do not expect all staff and volunteers to subscribe to the Christian faith, but to understand and acknowledge the Christian values which are the heartbeat of A Way Out.

We continue to partner with the Christian community to support our work; we believe in the power of prayer and faith in our work amongst the most marginalised.  Hope gives us a vision of a changed life.  Faith helps us believe that is possible. We welcome staffvolunteers, supporters and service users from all faiths and denominations and those who are agnostic or atheist.  We do not expect anyone at A Way Out to subscribe to the Christian faith, but to respect and understand the importance of our Christian values, as we do for others.

What do we mean by Christian values?

From its early beginnings the Church and later many Christian organisations have tried to reflect Jesus’ concern for the poor, marginalised and oppressed outworked through responding to the social and systemic injustice many experiences, by having the values of love, compassion and truth at the heart of our strategic decision-making and operational practice.  


We acknowledge that these values of Justice, Love, Compassion and Truth are not exclusively Christian values, although in the case of A Way Out they are the values demonstrated by Christ that we hold onto. Therefore, the way we recruit, work and deliver services as an organisation is inclusive and welcoming of any individual that identifies with those of other faiths or no faith, provided they are willing to respect that the founding Christian values of A Way Out remain. 


Over time, we have developed into an organisation that is well respected nationally as being a strong advocate for social justice. A Way Out is committed to amplifying the voices of our service users, working closely with a range of multi-agency partners to enable systemic change.   

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