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Youth & Families Newsletter - Winter 20-21

YOUTH Service

Our Reload & EVO sessions are now digital, sessions have included: Anti bullying, dreams, barriers and goals for the New Year Managing wellbeing, healthy eating the connection between food and mood. Topics are balanced with fun games such as, scavenger hunt, word games, drawing challenges and quizzes. The disruption to their ‘normal’ routine has been difficult, young people really enjoy seeing their classmates during lockdown; they look forward to these weekly sessions.

One to Ones

We are getting savvy with our tech skills, using whiteboard on zoom to allow the children to draw and interact more. One young person reported finding the sessions beneficial in increasing his confidence around his Autism diagnosis.

"A Super power is like having laser eyes, so I wouldn’t go that far but Autism can be powerful"

– young person

"We never really hear him laughing at home the 1:1 makes a big difference to him and the family as he is really bouncy and up beat after the sessions"

- parent

Healthy cooking sessions

These sessions are aimed at providing knowledge around healthy foods and improving relationships within the family. The ingredients are delivered to each door-step, families then receive an instructional video of our youth team demonstrating what to do.

Young people and their families take part in a follow up group Zoom call to see how everyone got on with the challenge. So far, 12 families have taken part and enjoyed the cooking sessions.

"We have loved taking part in these sessions as it has

provided mother and daughter bonding time which we

wouldn’t have had otherwise"

– parent

"I have enjoyed every part of the session, as the

food was yummy and I was able to do

the cooking, rather than my mum"

- young person

"He would never help me to cook normally so this

made him interested in helping more"

– parent

"I really like these sessions as they promote

independence, even though I am stood with

her she does most of it herself"

– parent

Case Study

Karl* was struggling with bullying and bereavement before lockdown. Cut off from school at this already challenging time Karl’s mum was worried as he was unoccupied and putting on

weight. Digital exclusion meant it took longer for him to access our group support.

Karl is now so pleased to be able to attend ‘I was bored and this has made me feel better and has amused me, it was really fun thanks for this’. Karl has been so brave in talking with his peers about bullying, and eating when he is sad.

In the cooking and healthy eating sessions he has tried new foods, and learnt how to make healthy dishes from scratch. (*name changed)


Throughout the pandemic we have maintained our offer of structured support and one to one session to improve and rebuild family relationships.

Leanne our Families Co-ordinator is attached to the Liberty and Blossom project. Through creative thinking and a proactive approach she has ensured clients continue to actively engage and new clients have been accepted on to caseload. Throughout this time risk assessed crisis support has taken place via outdoor ‘walk and talk’ sessions. Social media platforms such as Facebook have been vital in ensuring information, guidance, activities, signposting and on-going contact is maintained.

The well-being parcels we have provided to clients to

promote mental health have proved a huge success and provided creative outlets enabling clients to express themselves.

“The learning journal and conversation ques were so

beneficial and thank you so much for thinking outside of

the box when I said I didn't want counselling; it has helped

me massively and I’m very, very grateful”

– parent

  • New housing has been sourced for two clients.

  • All clients were able to access energy efficiency vouchers over the winter months.

  • Social services are no longer involved with a family due to our support.

  •  Therapeutic interventions have been sourced for two young people including riding lessons and alternative education.

  • Three service users have successfully sort support for mental health and feel that this is a huge step in promoting and maintaining wellbeing.

Case Study

Single mum and her two children were referred by head teacher of the children’s school.

When the family were referred they didn’t have a cooker meaning cooking hot, nutritious meals proved very difficult. We linked the family with a local community group that were

able to deliver a free Sunday lunch every week. We were also able to apply for a new

cooker using the Greggs Community Fund. The family now have a cooker and mum is able to now provide hot meals for her and her children.

RISE Families has launched “Chat-a-chino” virtual coffee mornings.

Family Co-ordinator, Lizzie, is supporting parents from Port Clarence by preventing social isolation through lockdown.

Lizzie has distributed 1 tablet and Wi-Fi box to a parent who would like to connect digitally but previously couldn’t due to personal circumstances. RISE Chat-a-chino has enabled 4 Mums in Port Clarence to continue connecting via Zoom to prevent social isolation and take part in Christmas themed activities together.

RISE Families have made links with a bereavement charity who directed to Free Training Videos and Resources which will upskill knowledge in working with a bereaved family in the most supportive way.

RISE Families launched a campaign alongside “Book Mama” to arrange donations of books to provide Christmas gifts for children and young people accessing AWO services this was a huge success and provided all of clients with a wonderful gift.

What's Next?

A joint initiative across the teams sees 45 clients signed up to receive a ‘step pack’. Each weeks participants will provide the amount of steps covered and we will combine them into miles to see who has walked the furthest.


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