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We are delighted...

to announce that we are now part of the

Established in September 2021, the NWJC is dedicated to achieving social justice by driving transformative change within the criminal justice system (CJS) to reduce the stigmatisation of and improve outcomes for women and girls.

As of May 2024, the coalition’s membership group now includes 26 partners, each expert in delivering trauma-informed, gender-responsive support through women’s centres, women’s prisons and women-only premises. NWJC partners also include national organisations providing specialist services to women in custody and the community.

The expansion and growth of the NWJC has been strategically agreed and coordinated by its partners to increase the coalition’s national reach and to proactively seek engagement and representation from organisations and projects working with women and girls from racially minoritised and oppressed groups.

As a result of this expansion strategy, the NWJC has been proud and privileged to welcome seven new partners to its membership group in 2024, with three new partners joining the coalition in March, and a further four partners joining in May.

Collectively, NWJC partners believe that the contributions and expertise of these organisations will increase the coalition’s credibility and capacity to deliver on its mission and strategic aims.


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