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Supporting our Children in Teesside

Living on Teesside can have so many wonderful things on offer. We live by the beach, are surrounded by so much natural beauty, and are known for our local communities and team spirt. However sadly, recent figures have been released which bring to light the impact on the cost of living for so many, and how this is impacting our children with around 40% of them living in poverty.

The figures reveal that there is an increase nationally in child poverty, but it is across Teesside that our children are most impacted, with two out of five children and young people living below the poverty line.

A Way Out is a charity known across our region, who are working alongside children, young people, families and women with a range of support needs. One of these being able to offer food parcels and packages of supports to our clients.

As an organisation we appreciate every offer of support from our local community, but we are aware that times are tough, and many people who often help are struggling themselves. However, supporting our clients is something we cannot do without your help. Our food supplies are the lowest they have ever been due to having very limited donations.

As an organisation we believe everyone should be able to live free from harm, and exploitation, and believe that children should not be living in poverty. We work alongside our youth projects with our children, families and young people to offer help and support whether that be with parents who are struggling to access benefits or seek employment, counselling and emotional support, as well as building resilience in our young people teaching them life skills and equipping and empowering them.

If you would like to stand alongside our young people and offer help and support, please contact

Written By Hannah Aspland


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