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A Way Out is renowned for standing beside vulnerable women, young people and families in Teesside, aiming to transform lives through an approach based on the non-judgmental and unconditional love which is at the heart of the Christian ethos of the organisation.

Pre-lockdown, standing beside our clients as they access our support and the services of our partner agencies was what we did – standing beside them for the long haul… over the past months A Way Out has quickly adapted to conditions which have made standing beside those in crisis difficult and unsafe.

Unable to stand beside the vulnerable, our staff have risen to the challenge to stand with clients in the face of increased hardship and critical need, providing emotional support, safety planning and responding to those in crisis.

A Way Out’s staff have stood with women as they speak on the phone, hearing from women living in fear of violent and exploitative situations. A Way Out staff have stood with these women, holding them on the phone, working with police, mental health, housing and other partner agencies to support these women to safety… and as they are held on the phone… they have also been held in prayers and thoughts by those who support the organisation.

A Way Out has also delivered around crisis 400 food parcels and activity packs across Teesside… thanks to the donations from supporters who have stood with A Way Out during this crisis.

Embracing technology has also enabled A Way Out’s youth team to stand with Y6 pupils on a digital platform and provide on-line 1:1 support to those anxious about transitioning to Secondary school,

Would you like to stand with A Way Out? For further details email


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