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Somebody's Daughter

At A Way Out, we work with many different women. Women who sell sex for survival, women who need support, young women, girls, and are a staff force mainly of women. We are all at least one of the following: A mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt.

The fear of walking alone after dark is something many of us can resonate with. The death of Sarah Everard, who was killed walking home at night, was a manifestation of this deep fear becoming a reality.

Working together, we do all we can to keep clients and staff safe. We ensure clients are aware of the risks and give out personal safety alarms – something we shouldn’t have to do. We live in a world where women are the ones taking responsibility for not being attacked, and when they are, are often told they should have done something to prevent it from happening. They shouldn’t be out after dark, they shouldn’t have worn that outfit. They shouldn’t be a sex worker.

Our team have been a great support to so many women across Teesside. We have created a bridge in a gap between sex workers and the police, supporting clients to report sexual assaults. It should never be a question of if someone is a sex worker. Sexual assault is assault regardless, and our staff stand together women to women to ensure their voices are heard.

We are an advocate for safety for all women regardless. We want to ensure we are supporting our clients, and those across Teesside who need their voices amplifying.

If you would like to know information about the support, we offer or make a donation please contact us at or ring 01642 655071.

By Hannah Dodsworth - Administrator


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