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High Sheriff Youth Award Success!

We are delighted to have received a High Sheriff Youth Award from the County Durham Community Foundation at their award ceremony last night. The award recognises our commitment to improving the lives of children and young people in our community.

The award includes £1000 towards our work with young people which will enable us to provide greater resources and activities to support our group sessions. It will mean that the girls and young women can experience new opportunities such as going to the cinema or out for some food, everyday experience which many of us take for granted. The award will enable us to purchase resources to support our work with young people as well as ensuring they are given as many opportunities as possible to learn, develop and grow on their journey into adulthood.

County Durham Community Foundation have supported A Way Out for a number of years which has enabled us to grow and develop our service offer to children and young people and for this we are immensely grateful. Without the funding our young women would not have a safe space they could meet each week, to be themselves, where they are listened to, a space they are included and accepted regardless of what is in their past or are going through. This is what our girls and young women tell us they value most.


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