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Handing on the Baton

2022 is a monumental year for A Way Out for many reasons. One being that it will mark 20 years of Love, Hope and Freedom across Teesside. As we celebrate this huge milestone, we reflect over how far we have come. When we originally set up back in 2002, we started with a small number of staff, which has now grown to a team of over 27 working across the region.

In this time, we have developed as a service to provide specialist trauma informed and person-centred support working in partnership with other local organisations to enable and empower those that we work with. We collaboratively provide holistic support to ensure that the diverse needs of our clients and the multiple disadvantages that they face can be addressed.

We would not be where we are today without the dedication of so many, who have moved onto further careers in social care, government, housing, ministry, and many other paths. We are so grateful for each and every person who has left their mark on A Way Out, and shaped us to who we are today.

With this, we also want to give a special thanks to our CEO Sarah McManus, who will be moving on from the organisation at the end of the month. She will leave behind her lasting impact and legacy that will always remain a part of A Way Out. Sarah has been a kind, passionate and faithful leader; she has equipped and empowered each and every person here.

As she moves on in her career, Sarah will be handing on the leadership baton to Kay Nicolson who the team are very much looking forward to working with. The organisation will under her leadership continue to grow, learn and develop and are excited for all that the future holds for us as a charity.

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Written By Hannah Dodsworth


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