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A Positive Impact

The ‘asset based’ support that A Way Out provides across all of our services, focussing and

building upon the strengths of each individual client, is an approach we know is really

effective. This focus brings a real sense of achievement and helps each person to view their

future with a real sense of hope and assurance.

This attitude has spread beyond just our support of clients as the whole charity has

embraced an asset based approach across the whole organisation. We have changed and

developed service delivery and operations to comply with restrictions, whilst ensuring that

we concentrate on what we can do (rather than what we can’t). This approach has ensured

that A Way Out continues to support women in our area who are experiencing multiple

difficulties and also local young people and families undergoing their own personal


Out in the community we see examples every day, all around us, people embracing what

can be done to make a positive impact on the future of others. Whilst we are out

undertaking socially distanced welfare checks and delivering crisis parcels we have loved

seeing many people in our local area incorporating litter picking into their daily walk,

focussing upon what they can do as individuals to make our world a better place for us all to

live in.

Last month a young supporter of A Way Out considered his strengths and what he could do

from his own home to raise essential funds for the organisation … and the result was

amazing – an on-line quiz enjoyed by his family and friends, £150 raised for the charity and a

huge sense of personal achievement!

We would love to encourage others to follow this young man’s example – consider what you can do, think creatively for your community, contact A Way out on 01642 655071 or We would love to hear from you!


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