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As our spirits are lifted for the long-awaited time, we feel our pre-covid lives are about to take off again there is an energy in the air to get out our bucket lists we put on the back burner. DARE TO is our Challenge Campaign to give you that buzz of excitement you’ve been missing. Whether you are looking for a challenge adventure, 10k Run, thrill of a Skydive, enjoy a dress down day at work, or organise a coffee morning with friends and family we’d love you to help raise funds for a local charity.

A Way Out believes that everyone should be able to live the life they choose without experiencing fearing of abuse, harm or exploitation. Our outreach and prevention charity aims to engage, empower and equip vulnerable and excluded women, families and young people to live lives free from harm, abuse and exploitation and to reduce life limiting choices and behaviour. We achieve this through various projects in the Teesside area that concentrate on helping women, families and young people to have control over their lives, by tackling the injustice and inequality that they experience.

The support we offer can range from practical help, with food parcels and welfare packs, to providing advocacy support. We also help our clients access medical help and a range of other vital services. We offer group and one to one sessions to build healthy relationships with families as well as trauma counselling and much more.

If you would like to fundraise for us so that we can continue to be a community building positive relationships by providing support at times of need, create a lasting change, addressing the causes of injustice and inequality, ensuring that learning from lived experience is used to change the language, behaviour and views, of other individuals and organisations please contact


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