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A Way Out Update

The end of July marks the first 12 months of A Way Out’s involvement as one of the six partners in the STAGE Project.The Project brings together five organisations spanning the North East and Yorkshire to providetrauma-informed support for women and girls who have been groomed for sexual exploitation.

The work of each of the five partner organisations has confirmed the distressing truth that sexual exploitation is causing significant harm in our communities. Across the North East and Yorkshire areas it has also shown to be apparent that those women and girls who have been targeted for sexual exploitation often have existing vulnerabilities, such as poverty, homelessness, poor mental health and past experiences of trauma.

Since the STAGE Project began in July 2019, a total of 95 women have been referred across the 8 towns and cities supported by the project.A Way Out has undertaken active and effective support, building up trust and relationship with women and girls who make painful disclosures.Through partnership working across the North East and Yorkshire the STAGE Project has demonstrated that the issue of sexual exploitation is pervasive and systemic across all areas.As women and girls continue reveal their horrific experiences and cases emerge, A Way Out and our partners involved in the STAGE project find it hugely saddening that women and girls continue to be sexually exploited.

The Stage Project has produced a briefing which recognises the link between housing, homelessness and sexual exploitation and contains a range of government recommendations including the creation of a new National Framework for Adult Survivors of Sexual Exploitation.

One of A Way Out’s objectives is to ensure the voice of the girls and women we support are listened to and heard on a local and a national- the STAGE project is helping us to achieve this.

For more information contact or call 01642 655071.


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