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A Way Out Shines on...

When I was a child one of my fondest memories was time spent with my grandma, helping her to polish her collection of ‘brasses’, most especially the brass ‘companion set’ – a beautifully crafted set of tools which she used to tend to her coal fire. Hard work polishing reaped the reward of gleaming brass, refreshed, clean and ready for action.

During the past few months A Way Out staff have continued to effectively support clients and have also taken time to polish their knowledge and skills – most especially increasing learning in relation to essential mental health issues and suicide prevention. This is particularly in response to the impact and experience in relation to CV19 upon those the organisation supports.

The organisation has also been developing and polishing our service delivery, ensuring that all service delivery is client led alongside being CV19 compliant. A Way Out’s Youth and Families service has devised and trailed a new appointment based family drop-in to support the pupils and families in the Bowesfield area of Stockton and delivered socially distanced, outdoor activities to young people and families in Port Clarence. As A Way Out’s established Youth Service shines on, the service will also be used as a tool to establish and develop much needed support to young males in the area.

A Way Out’s support of vulnerable women and girls is also gleaming in the glow of 3 new staff appointments; supporting young women with additional needs; supporting females who have experienced grooming and exploitation; and supporting women serving custodial sentences. A further 2 new appointments shine a light into the future of A Way Out focusing upon generating income by providing accredited training and concentrating upon community fundraising.

Although the past few months may have been hard work, A Way Out is polished, refreshed and ready for action.

For further information about A Way Out’s services or how you can support the work please call 01642 655071 or email


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