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A Trauma Informed Approach

At A Way Out, we aim to understand the needs and lifestyles of the clients we support. Often certain behaviours can been seen by others as challenging or chaotic, this is because the behaviours don’t fit in with expectations of how people think things ought to be… but it’s important to take a deeper look into what lies behind.

Understanding the impact of trauma and how it affects people plays a huge role in how A Way Out supports a range of people who access our services. For some of the clients we support, it is the trauma first that needs addressing, before any coping mechanisms can be further explored.

Trauma is like a smoke alarm, constantly beeping away in the background, and some will do anything just to make it stop. They may use drugs, alcohol, sex, self-harm, anything - just to silence that alarm, even for just a few moments.

It is tempting to try to begin support by address these risk-taking behaviours – but this only serves to remove the coping mechanism but leaves behind the constant beeping alarm that only the client can hear. It’s therefore important to consider why particular behaviours are happening in the first place and what trauma they may be masking.

This consideration is a fundamental concern when A Way Out offers support to people who have experienced trauma, we address this first, and then the other complexities, so that each individual can fully move forward.

A Way Out offers a safe space, to support clients to break through the sound of their own inner alarm bells to find a place of peace.

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By Hannah Dodsworth - Administrator


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