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18 Years of Bringing Love, Hope and Freedom

In June 2002 A Way Out Charity was formed. 18 years on the organisation has come of age. The charity has developed and matured and, under the current situation of CV19, this maturity has provided a strong and sturdy base upon which to ensure that the families, young people, and women who rely on our services have continued to receive support.

A Way Out is an organisation with its feet planted firmly in the North East; operating ‘hands on’ at ground level supporting the needs of some of Tees Valley’s most vulnerable people, and working hand in hand with partner organisations, agencies and funders. A Way Out ensures that those supported by the organisation have a voice which is heard locally and nationally, voices which are listened to intently in order to essentially shape and focus delivery of A Way Out services. A Way Out has eyes scanning horizons to ensure that the future of those we support is a future of sustainable hope. A Way Out is an organisation with a heart of compassion for those we support and a heart of thankfulness for those who support the organisation.

In 18 years the body of A Way Out has grown from infancy to an organisation incorporating 8 service areas supporting and empowering young people, families and vulnerable women and girls; women in custody, in prison and on release and supporting women who are finding the courage to disclose historic and current sexual exploitation. A Way Out is actively working in collaboration to influence and shape guidance and policy at a local and national level.

A Way Out is committed to building upon the grounding of these 18 years and would like to express grateful thanks to those who have nurtured and supported the organisation in so many different ways.

For more information please go to, or contact 01642 655071,

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