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Welcome to Blossom, we are so pleased that you have found us. Take a look at our page to find out more about us.

Blossom supports at-risk young women aged 13 – 24 who are facing a range of vulnerabilities.

Issues include mental health and wellbeing, family/carer relationship breakdown, NEET,
experience of domestic abuse, involvement with substance misuse and experience of exploitation.


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"I can't say thank you enough"


So... what is Blossom all about?

The Blossom Project offers support to young women aged between 13 – 24 (or 25 where a young woman has additional needs) by supporting them through difficult times experienced within their lives.


We stand side by side with girls and young women to allow them to be, to realise their potential and ultimately be empowered to be in control of their own lives.


The support provided by Blossom is trauma informed and focussed upon working with girls and young women to strengthen capabilities. Blossom accepts referrals from a variety of agencies across Teesside such as; social care,
education providers, mental health agencies, police, housing, health, youth services and self-referrals.



Blossom puts service users right at the heart of everything we do. This has been identified by service users as one of the important measures of project success, i.e. that they feel listened to.


On a practical level, this consists of a balance between regular one to one support and crisis providing direction and incorporating needs; group work providing a six weekly rotation of course content, with each session planned and reviewed by the service users.


External evaluation of Blossom demonstrated that the project has helped young women in a number of areas. Service users themselves have reported the following positive changes as well as feeling that they are listened to and have a voice.


Increased confidence


Increased independence


Better knowledge and understanding


Improved health


Better reasoning and judgement


Increased safety


Reduced isolation and ability to make and maintain positive relationships


Increased resilience

Service users themselves have reported good progress in areas of safety, feeling they have a voice, mental and physical health and positive relationships.


Blossom supports girls and young women with a wide range of issues. Common difficulties we support young women with include; mental health issues, sexual violence and exploitation, domestic abuse, family/carer relationship breakdown, employment, training and education and confidence and self-worth to name but a few. The support is person centred, with young women identifying what they want to work on and together co-producing their support goals.




Young women involved with the Blossom Project are at the heart of everything we do. This has been identified by service users as one of the important measures of project success, i.e. that they feel listened to.


The support is wide ranging in that we offer mixture of one to one support, group work and peer support as well as other programmes, e.g. social action and leadership projects.


The girls and women we support feed into all of the above and they have also been consulted with throughout ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Our partners have said:

A Way Out partners describe the Blossom project as part of a strong voluntary sector organisation
and a ‘great service.’ External evaluation of the project found there was a recognition from agencies
across the area of the importance of both the Blossom project and the organisation. Stakeholder
organisations report the Blossom Project as an effective partner, that improved outcomes for both
young people women (should this be young women or young people as I appreciate its what other
partners have said) and organisations, as they were enabled to reach their target groups.


When asked about the benefits of working together with the Blossom Project , respondents reported the


  • Joint working is a definite, this allows the client to tap into support from both services enabling professionals to communicate effectively and provide effective support.


  • We really enjoy working with the team and young people at A Way Out. They are an excellent partner organisation.

  • Young people supported by Blossom gain confidence, and self-esteem and undertaken work on understanding safe relationships and keeping themselves safe.

  • The young people engaging with Blossom learn vital skills, have space to feel safe, secure and to completely be themselves.

Image by Wesley Tingey

I love coming here, I was sick of my life, coming here [A Way Out] is great.

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