A Way Out would like to keep our supporters up to date and offer reassurance regarding our compliance with government directives whilst maintaining our care and support for the vulnerable women and families with whom we engage:

  • All of A Way Out’s 27 full and part-time staff are currently working home-based in line with social distancing directives.  The A Way Out building is secure and ready to open back up when permitted.
  • We are maintaining regular contact with clients by phone, text and social media, offering support, reassurance and safety planning.
  • We have put in place weekly emergency food and toiletry drop-offs for those most in need, operating social distancing.
  • Safety planning for those we support is essential now more than ever as many will experience increased vulnerability to domestic abuse, exploitation, abuse and harm; and with restricted social contact many of these harms may now be invisible and unseen. A Way Out has a vital part to play during this period in meeting basic needs and safety.  We will be collaborating with our partners to help achieve this.
  • A Way Out takes seriously its responsibility in its duty of care to staff and clients and we have ensured all service delivery undertaken maintains safeguarding and personal safety processes and procedures which are robust and in place, whilst also adhering to current government guidance.
  • Scheduled daily prayer for our clients and staff is taking place, with both staff and clients sending in specific prayer requests.
  • With the AWO building closed for the required 3 week period we are unfortunately unable to directly accept donations of food and toiletries.  We probably have sufficient ‘stock’ in place to offer basic provision for a limited period and we will be working with partners to maintain support during the forthcoming weeks,  however once our building is open again our supplies will be severely depleted and your help will be needed.  In the meantime financial support would be welcomed, contributions may be made directly to our account Sort Code: 40 43 11, Account Number: 31819194.

For more information please contact info@awayout.co.uk