Healthy Eating Initiative


On Wednesday 17th April  20 young people from Bowesfield and High Clarence Schools took part in a healthy cooking afternoon.  

The young people were taken to Stockton Marketplace where they were involved in shopping for ingredients to cook a healthy lunch. They had the opportunity to meet stall holders and discuss the variety of produce available. The young people all enjoyed the challenge of finding the items on their shopping lists and seeing how reasonably priced the items were.

When the arrived at A Way Out, they participated in a cooking project facilitated by community organisation, Little Sprouts. They cooked pasta primavera and raspberry muffins, learning about the produce they had bought and ways to prepare this.

From start to finish, it was a great experience for the young people. They made enough food to have some for lunch and to also take some home for their families to try. They enjoyed it that much, the even asked for the recipe cards to take home.

This was an amazing piece of work delivered by the youth and families team. The planning, facilitation and evaluation for this showed how a team can work together to deliver activities to build confidence, teach new skills and create new experiences for children and young people. This activity forms part of a package of holiday provision with funding from Thirteen. It also marks the start of further opportunities to work with Stockton BID.  All young people engaged and positive  feedback was received. All those taking part worked well as a team and shared tasks when cooking, shopping and clearing up.

Quotes/ feedback

Before the trip Archie (name changed) stated on his evaluation form that he was worried. This was because he is a very fussy eater and doesn’t like fruit and veg. During the market place activity, Archie became quite concerned that he didn’t like anything that we were buying and was adamant that he wouldn’t be eating anything that we were going to make.

Throughout the cooking session, Archie’s mood lifted and lifted as he enjoyed the session more and more. At the end when the young people got to taste what they had cooked; Archie was amazed that he loved the dish so much that he wanted to take the most home! He was so happy that he had learned that ingredients that he didn’t like could be made into something so lovely. I could see instantly that Archie’s mind was more open to trying a lot more different foods in the future.

On the end of Archie’s evaluation form, he was happy and there wasn’t anything that he didn’t like.

What did you love about the trip?

Everything! I loved the cooking the most.”

 “Learning new exciting things”

We made lovely food! “

 “What I loved about the trip was that we all worked as a team”

What did you like about the market? –

That you can get everything you need there”

 “That it is a lot cheaper than the supermarket”