The Big Give

A Way Out is now gearing up for the Christmas rush.  Although it's only November we have started planning for the mountain of Christmas presents needed for our clients and their families, and for the increase in food required for the Food Plus hubs, not to mention the planning required to handle the increase we will see in substance abuse over the festive period.

Last year you will remember that the Christmas period brought with it a tragic loss.  A girl who we have worked with for a number of years lost her battle with drugs and her body was found alone on the floor of her room the day after Christmas.  This Christmas though we are celebrating amazing news; you see another girl who we have worked with for many years, made a decision to rebuild her life.  She embarked upon a battle with addiction that had already stolen so much of her life, family, dignity and relationships.  Working within our projects, she dealt courageously with her past and found hope again for the future.  This has resulted in a transformed life and the best news of all, a restored family.  For the first time, this young woman will be spending Christmas with her partner and child.  We believe that this is truly a miracle and we hope you share with us in our joy.

I know that some of you are already contributing to this work and I would like to thank you for that.  Stories like these could not be written if it wasn't for the many people who support our work in numerous ways.  This year though we have an exciting opportunity that I just had to share with you.

You see, thanks to a scheme called The Big Give, and through one of our largest donors, we have a chance to double all money given to us in early December. 5to10pounds

For just 3 days, December 5th to 7th, any online donations will be doubled, meaning a Christmas gift can be twice as effective if given just a few weeks earlier.

On that basis we want to simply say that if you were considering giving to A Way Out this year, please could you do so during The Big GiveWe do understand the tough financial times people are facing, but any donation no matter how small, will make such a difference to peoples lives in Stockton.

We don't want to just appeal to you on the basis that it's Christmas, but instead to demonstrate to you the power of what your giving could do.

Contributing to The Big Give is really simple - just a case of logging on to The Big Give, as early as possible on those days, as other charities are competing for the pot of money.