Total Warrior


20 Warriors took place in the gruelling 10k, overcoming electric shocks, freezing water and lots of mud to raise over £3,000 towards the work we do with vulnerable young women.

This is the third year that an A Way Out team has been represented at the event.  Sarah-Jane says "The event rally puts you through your paces and you go through all sorts of emotions.  It's about working as a team to get through all the obsticles.  It's a bit like the work that we do - our clients have a lot of challenges in their lives that they can't handle and we support them through it." tw-1

The team finished the course in one hour 20 minutes, placing them 19th out of 375.

We are looking at booking next years places and are looking for volunteers to participate, if you think you can face the challenge, check the Up for a Challange page for more information.