Our Year In Statistics

A Roundup of 2011

We're really thrilled about everything that has been acheived at A Way Out through the outreach projects and programs run at The Gate. In 2010 - 2011 (October to October):

  • We reached 485 people through our youth and community outreach and 173 engaged in further programmes or interventions.
  • We reached 189 young people through our Prevention and Education work. 70% saw an improvement in their well being and 18% made a significant change within their health online blackjack strategy chart such as drug and alcohol use.
  • We reached 249 people and delivered recovery interventions to 118 women. 60% observed an improvement in their general health, 12% made significant changes within their drug and alcohol use.
  • Our Women Outreach and Crisis workers delivered interventions to 384 women and young people.
  • The women's project reached 54 women. 6% exited prostitution, 30% observed an improvement in well being and 28% saw some observable reduction in their drug or alcohol use.