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A Way Out is an outreach and prevention charity based in Stockton-on-Tees, working with the most vulnerable and at risk individuals, seeking to empower and equip them to find a way out of life-limiting and life-controlling situations.

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For more than a decade, A Way Out has been striving to bring love, hope and freedom to vulnerable and at risk women, young people and families in Stockton-on-Tees. We will stand with these women. We will walk with these young people. We will dedicate ourselves to these families. We are committed to this vision and we will go the extra mile along this journey, striving to see healthy, whole and safe lives – free from addiction, poverty and exploitation.

From our women’s services co-ordinator:

Our heart for at risk and vulnerable women continues, and we are currently engaging with about 60 women. Many are trapped in survival sex work, experiencing exploitation and abuse, and often struggling with addictions. We seek to come alongside them; to guide, support, encourage and affirm them. We direct them to access services and treatments needed. Ultimately, we hope to see them exit this work and find freedom from addiction.

We offer a holistic service to all women and build a tailored recovery pathway for each one. They are assigned a key worker who will stay with them throughout their journey, offering relational support, advocating for them, and providing therapeutic services and counselling. We are committed to reaching out and engaging with vulnerable women; we will not give up on them, always believe in them, and hope for their future.

From our youth outreach co-ordinator:

We’re currently working with young people in some of the most deprived parts of this area. On a weekly basis we offer youth programmes, one-on-one mentoring, sports sessions, and social action initiatives, and this is regularly supplemented with day trips and residential visits. By affirming and empowering young people we desire to see them develop positive and healthy lifestyles. We want every young person to be equipped and encouraged to achieve their future dreams.

From our families intervention co-ordinator:

The Family project works with the whole family in an intensive and motivational way, supporting and empowering disadvantaged families to discover new skills and confidence and to build resilience to effect sustainable positive change.   We meet with families and assess their needs – and respond with relational and practical support to encourage, train and motivate, providing families with the tools necessary to see positive change. Whether it’s being an advocate for a mother in need, a referee in a family argument, or a champion for a young person seeking employment, we will be a friend that will not give up.”

A Way out remains committed.

We will not give in or lose heart when days are hard,

With your continued partnership we will go on providing

We will keep offering programmes of support, training and emotional well-being.

We will push to equip and empower young people in order for them to thrive

We will offer a second chance – a third, fourth, and fifth – never giving up

We will always believe these lives are precious and worthy of our time.

We will always advocate for families in need.

We are committed to our mentoring service.

We will continue opening our doors

We will extend and develop our services

We will go the extra mile.

We will not give up

We will journey on.

A Way Out will continue to do all we can to bring love, hope and freedom to vulnerable and at risk women, young people, and families in Stockton on Tees.

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