Local Giving

Match funding from Local Giving has now run out. Thank you to those who have given already, your support is much needed and much appreciated.

You can still give to A Way Out via Local Giving to support the essential work we are doing and if you are a tax payer, 25% will be added to every gift. So... A gift of £6 becomes £7.50 A gift of £13 becomes £16.25 A gift of £19 becomes £23.75! Visit Local Giving today HCG Diet to give. 168 Your gift means that we can help young people like Daniel.* Day after day we meet young boys who are living on deprived estates where drug abuse is normal. They lack positive role models and have poor aspirations. Through the outreach work at A Way Out, we can help them to have hope, bringing freedom from the negative expectations that have been placed on them and helping them acheive wholeness. *Name has been changed.